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Jul 5, 2014

We all are afraid of something aren't we? What are we all running from?

This episode: Something wicked this way comes? Laws of physics becoming inconsistent? Convicts inexplicably disappearing from their cells. History of a bluesman who sold his soul to the devil. Mick Stone and the killer hedges.

Jun 22, 2014

Host unavailable... This Society of Arozea broadcast has been generated automatically. The universe is vast and we are travelers in a vehicle an eternity of unknown darkness traveling at approximately 483,000 miles per hour (792,000 km/hr). But when we take a closer look there is always something hidden behind...

Apr 27, 2014

Be mindful of the myriad ways in which our thoughts and actions are unconsciously guided by the powers that be. In so many words "The Authority" controls the way we live our lives.

This episode: A baby named Cthulhu? The lost city in the jungle of Brazil? Are Americans going crazy? The frat boys and the magic bathtub....

Apr 20, 2014

The use of intuition allows our mind to bring forth its creative power without the inhibitions caused by the filtering process of our conscious mind and the use of reasoning.

This episode: Horror At Martin’s Beach. We invoke the muse. Pod people? Mick Stone P.I. plays the average.

Apr 13, 2014

A challenge for you. Think hard about your language. Does it limit you? The linguists tell us our understanding only goes as far as words. The next time you speak ponder this for a moment Do I think in words?

This episode: How to remove your most deep-seated stains and odors. A giant tentacly beast has himself a lovely...